fountain design

Sep. 2016

Hotel Pommeraye

June- Dec. 2015

Light, 2011

Medium: Plastic, tripod, chandelier light, aluminium
Dimensions: 74.409 x 30.708 x 30.708 inches (189 x 78 x 78 cm)

We showed a range of smaller works, which deals with repetition, rhythm, and pattern which are a essential to create rhythm: by joining them together and giving them the same movement. The works themselves one by one already deal with this subject. Among other works, we installed a chandelier light with tripod, plastic container with aluminium straw.
Exhibition History:
Dancing to the Rhyme, group show, Kumho Museum of Art in Seoul, 2011

Awards/Publications: Unfucking real, monography, published by Mediabus in Seoul, 2013

Tale of Three Kitties, 2008

Medium: Wooden door, acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 94.488 x 35.433 x 1.574 inches (240 x 90 x 4 cm)

This work made of the assemblage of tacky kitten painting, cats have become since then an obiquious reason for delight, not to speak of paintings of beards which could win any competition and a german Gründeruzeit door, which were lovingly restored. The work was inspired by youngster´s locker door, which is often decorated by images of horses and suchlike. Analytically written we as so often in our work assembled subjects on one level and themes on a methodological level in parallel. This is a perfect example of our application of Frankensteining methods, roughly written: in this case transplanting things weakly described by useless genres terms: object art (engl.), objet-trouvé, and painting, into an interdependent group.

Exhibition History: Auto-Focus, Solo show @ Gallery Shilla in Daegu, 2008

Publications: It’s nice to be nice, try it! , monography, published by Caustic Window in Seoul, 2009

School Days

Seoul , 1984
전투경찰이 서울대에 진입, 잔디밭에 배치되어 있는 모습

Frog 개구리

Jan. 2012 
Approx. 21x19x18cm, Ceramic, Plastic

-작품 개구리는 도자기 개구리 몸체와 플라스틱 모자 2부분으로 이루어져 있다.
-조립은 모자를 개구리 등에서 나와있는 나무 막대기위에 얹어 완성한다.
-모자는 개구리 얼굴의 오른쪽으로 살짝 기울여서 설치를 한다.
-모자는 개구리 몸체와 2지점에서 만나는데, 앞쪽은 개구리의 오른쪽 눈두덩이에, 뒷쪽은 개구리의 등부분이다.
-작품은 설치현장을 필요에 따라 일시적 접착제로 부착이 가능하다.
-모자와 개구리 몸체가 만나는  2지점에 파란색 접착고무를 적당량 잘라서 (앞쪽은 개구리의 오른쪽 눈두덩이에, 뒷쪽은 개구리의 등부분) 붙이고 눌러서 붙이면 완성된다.
접착제는 손쉽게 떼어낼수 있으면 작품 표면을 손상시키지 않는다.
Aug. 2016

Incheon Art Platform

Aug. 2016

Incheon Art Platform is located in Haean-dong of Incheon known for its well-preserved architectural heritage sites and buildings that display both ancient and modern architecture. The complex was established through remodeling buildings constructed in the 1930s and 1940s, and by revamping such landmark buildings as Nippon Yusen Kaisah (Cultural Property No. 248) from the days when Korea first opened its doors to the outside world. The 13 buildings, including studios, library, training center, exhibition and performance halls, that make up Art Platform are expected to develop into a huge street museum in the future, thereby preserving the historical establishments, while displaying the modern interpretation of the past.

* Building A (Training center): Information desk, classrooms, nursery, security, Crystal Cube
* Building B (Exhibition hall): Exhibition hall, storage room
* Building C (Performance hall): Performance hall, multi-purpose room
* Building D (Archive): Visitor reference center, management office, media lab
* Building E1 (Studio 1): Studios 1-3, community workroom
* Building E2 (Studio 2): Studios 4-12, laundry room
* Building E3 (Studio 3): Studios 13-20, writers' lounge
* Building F (Guesthouse): Guestrooms 1-9, guest lounge, laundry room
* Building G (G1-G3): Art & Design studios 1, 2, 3
* Building H (Community hall): Offices, project room, cafe, community hall


June 2016
Photos by Sumi Kang